Site Skins — The Comeback

By Celtra

Developing new markets and even maintaining your existing customer base, requires disruptive shifts. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we needn’t look too far for the next one…

Introducing… Site Skins! 

Site Skins have been around since the early days of the internet and the popular opinion in regards to this polarizing ad product follows more or less the same trajectory as Crocs (yes, the shoe). We hated them, we loved to hate them and now, we love them. Their iconic oversized proportions, their versatility, their practicality. What was once an ugly gardening shoe brand, is now collaborating with some of the biggest luxury fashion brands (Balenciaga, MCM). So if the success of Crocs is anything to go by; polarizing is powerful with the right creative direction. Celtra’s Multi-Unit Skins are a high-impact format (iconic oversized proportions) that power experiences and drive viewability rates (versatility) with a user-friendly experience (practicality).

What problem are responsive Site Skins solving? 

We move through the internet at breakneck speed. Clicking, scrolling, swiping… it’s all muscle memory at this point. The average reader will spend about 15 seconds on a website before clicking away (this is known as the “15-second rule”), and honestly, that seems generous. To create the most impactful user experience possible and keep visitors coming back for more, Publishers need to offer advertisers ad experiences that drive viewability rates without blocking site content. Picture this: the brief moment you spent looking up a recipe you realized you don’t have the patience for, left you feeling oddly romantic… Why? Something to do with the Tiffany blue site skin perhaps…

Celtra Skins (in a nutshell)

Celtra’s Multi-Unit Skins are configured to fit seamlessly on the publisher site. This fully integrated responsive functionality means the ad will automatically adjust itself as the browser window is resized, guaranteeing eye-catching visuals and animations without interrupting the flow of the site. This makes them a great alternative to Interstitials and Expandables and other types of overlay ads that cover up site content. Bid adieu to intrusive ad product experiences both in your life and in your proprietary ad product playbook. 

In terms of building, you can easily create a Multi-Unit Skin using the same end-to-end workflow and wide array of creative features available on all other Celtra Rich Media formats​​ like reactive animation, in-line video, and swipey gallery. This service also provides all real-time content powered by 1st-party data so you can track audience, placement, and interactivity. Easy campaign activation, all in one place.

A lot of these juicy features come with a wide array of no-code-required creative components. This means we’ve made it extra easy for you to make your Skins shoppable as well as include location-based components for all your international campaigns.

Our golden goose (or chicken) case study

MediaCorp: The largest media network in Singapore, operating TV channels, radio stations, and digital platforms, it reaches more than 3 million people in Singapore daily across four languages. No small fry… They wanted to offer their advertisers a high-impact solution running within premium real estate to promote season specials (Gold Spice Chicken) on the Lunar New Year. Using Celtra’s Multi-Unit Skins, Mediacorp was able to build, traffic, and track this format using the same end-to-end workflow and creative features available on all other Celtra Rich Media formats.

The results for the KFC Lunar New Year campaign were sensational with 96% impact, 1.43% engagement, and 94% viewability- the Gold Spice Chicken had its moment.

Use Cases for responsive Site Skins takeovers 

Eye-catching Ad products that take up huge amounts of real estate are special. This is a card to keep close to your chest for a winning hand. It might not be suitable for everyday campaigns but rather big bang moments and events.

The most effective use cases are limited-time promotions and big events- think Black Friday, Boxing Day, or back-to-school for example. 

Other use cases include entertainment premieres like movies, series, or a game launch. Skins would also work for new product launches like our KFC Gold Spice Chicken, a new perfume, or a limited edition fashion collection. 

Use Multi-Unit Skins to drive high viewability, CTR, and revenue with Celtra. Drive the momentum with solutions that keep your marketing strategy agile while staying synchronized with your organizational growth ambitions. Click here to add Skins to your product suite now.

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