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Supercharging Creative Production With Advanced Design Automation

Anyone who has been involved in producing creatives for digital marketing campaigns knows how inefficient and time-consuming it is. There are multiple dimensions that designers must take into account when designing for scale. It starts with the actual design of the template. Designers have to manually adjust the design for different sizes and crop all of the images to accommodate the design for each of those sizes. 

Once all of the sizes and assets have been prepared, designers must tackle variations in content. As they apply different headlines, CTAs, or languages, they need to make sure that the content fits and the design stays intact. 

With higher-volume or quick turnaround campaigns, it’s sometimes infeasible to account for each possible outlier and manually QA and finetune each variant. This results in less creative control or even suboptimal creatives distributed. 

Our Product team has been working on addressing these particular challenges by automating the manual and repetitive design tasks, giving designers more creative control, and enabling marketers to scale more efficiently. 

In this post, we’ll detail our latest design automation features. We’ll detail how they work and what the benefits are for both designers and marketers. Read on to learn about Auto-Cropping, Auto-Layout, Auto-Sizes, and Automated Text Treatment that all help automate the production of multiple designs from a single design source.



What problem does it solve? During production, designers often need to prep all raw assets such as background graphics, product images, or photography by manually cropping source images for each of their different sizes. This also means that editing or making changes to any of our image assets will bring you back to the first step of the production process all the way through to redistributing creatives. We just automated this workflow in Celtra. 

How does it work? Now, designers can upload their source images directly into Celtra. The software will automatically crop images to fit different-sized creatives. Designers can easily preview crops across all images and creatives, and manually adjust if needed.

What are the benefits for designers? In addition to saving designers’ time, Auto-Cropping streamlines the entire production process. Designers no longer need to go back and forth between Celtra and an offline design tool to fix, adjust, or generate new crops.

What are the benefits for brand and growth marketers? Brand marketers will benefit from a higher volume of creative: you can easily add variety as well as new channels and formats to your campaign mix without blowing up production timelines. Growth marketers will benefit from the ability to scale campaign assets for creative testing. They can also produce more audience-based creative with the same team resources. Both can be sure that creatives are customized per channel and format. 



What problem does it solve? With high-volume digital campaigns, production needs to manually adjust the layout of components in their templates to best fit the space. Previously, each layout would have required designers to build separate templates or edit individual creative variants. Now, you can design a single template that adapts for all content variations.

How does it work? With Auto-Layout, designers set the rules for the layout so that the components and creative elements in the template are automatically resized and repositioned to best fit the space. Now, they can accommodate for various layouts and any combination of content in one template 

What are the benefits for designers? Efficiency, brand governance, and quality. Designers no longer need to individually account for all of the different creative combinations. They have more control over how creative components are assembled and can confidently and efficiently produce high-quality creatives for distribution. Auto-Layout is also great for designers creating for different alphabets as they can set individual rules  

What are the benefits for marketers? Auto-Layout is a great addition for any marketer deploying global toolkits. Multi-market campaigns with different length translations benefit from automation as you can preserve design quality across any language.




What problem does it solve? Producing all the size variants for digital advertising is one of the most tedious and mundane tasks in creative production. We turned to machine learning to automate the process of applying your design across multiple sizes.

How does it work? Celtra can now analyze all the formats and sizes that teams need to meet their needs across paid and owned media. and identify the minimum layouts needed as a design source. This means that designers can create for one size and the template design is automatically applied to additional sizes.

What are the benefits for designers? Designers can design for one size and effectively scale that across  all the sizes needed in bulk then easily tweak or make manual adjustments for individual sizes if needed.

What are the benefits for marketers? Turn that complex media plan into distribution-ready assets faster! With Auto-Sizes, your team will be able to better serve a campaign plan of any scope.


Automated Text Treatment

What problem does it solve? In digital advertising, text handling has been a painstaking process in manual production. For example, headlines may need to be laid out differently in vertical formats compared to square or landscape. You want to make sure your brand or product names are displayed properly. Certain words must be on the same line for the headline to make sense.  You also need to take into account how different alphabets show up in the content. Is there a way to automate all of this?

How does it work? You guessed it, we automated it. Celtra’s automated text treatment includes a built-in library of standard line break rules for over 30 languages. Designers can automatically manage text rules for “Orphans”, “Widows” and “Always together” across creative assets. The tool also auto-detects the language/ alphabet used and pairs it with the right font.

What are the benefits for designers? This tool is particularly useful for designers who work across multiple alphabets for international campaigns.  It simplifies the process for designing  across high volumes of unique digital advertising assets. Designers no longer need to manually adjust the layout or text for discrepancies in content or localization. 

What are the benefits for marketers? Marketers can maintain more control over content and ensure that all creatives adhere to brand guidelines. Automated text treatment simplifies the QA and approval process because there are fewer exceptions to take into account.  


Ready to introduce automation into your creative production workflows? Talk to us today!