Bringing Creative Automation to Media Monetization

By Celtra

Celtra’s award-winning media software has been powering artisanal creative for hundreds of top-tier media companies for quite some time now. We are honored to call media mavens like Hearst, NBCU, CNN, and Condé Nast our long-time customers and are on track to serve 25 billion impressions this year alone!

While media owners and operators have turned to us to create high-quality custom ad products to monetize their inventory, we saw a need for a solution that would make selling, activating, and analyzing campaigns even faster and more efficient.

Shifts in the advertising industry (think: cookie-apocalypse, decline in the effectiveness of paid social) are driving more and more advertisers to trusted media partners for campaigns they know will be viewable and placed next to content that matches their quality and thematic demands.

For media owners and operators, that means more RFPs flying in the door. While larger publishers and organizations may be able to successfully build responses amongst their revenue and ad ops teams, many media companies are struggling to find a process that allows them to build effective proposals that satisfy advertisers’ appetite for high-impact and unique executions and prove success through showcasing performance from past campaigns run on the inventory.

For repeatable (and scalable) campaign monetization, there’s only one road to take: automation. Read more about our newest media production method that turns to creative automation to help you win more business, serve more impressions, and do it with the same resources you have today.

Winning RFPs with a Repeatable Playbook

Advertisers are looking for attractive ad products that meet their campaign KPIs. With Celtra, you’ll start selling more and bigger campaigns: our customers are seeing 25% higher monetization after switching to a templated playbook. Here’s how it works: Celtra’s expert designers will suggest and curate your unique set of templates, packaged into a playbook of ad products which you can go to market with – and sell time and again. Differentiate your offering by combining all the best ad formats with in-demand features like video and shoppable. When you build your ad suite with Celtra, you don’t have to put together custom campaign proposals for each request, just pick and mix the selection from your readily available ad experiences.

2.5x Faster Workflows With Automation – No Designers Needed

What if you could create and activate a suite of unique ad products without having to rely on  developers or designers on custom builds?  That is all possible with creative automation. With Celtra, anyone in your team can activate ad products by easily dropping the right copy and assets into pre-approved templates that are made to complement your inventory. This means that you can now run fast and efficient production with the same resources. Many of our customers are seeing 2.5x faster creative production for ad product activation with this production method as it requires no design adjustments to the ad product itself. What’s better, Celtra’s set-it-and-forget-it trafficking uses streamlined, error-free tag generation for worry-free campaign launches.

Proving Success with Robust Analytics

We’ve beefed up our platform analytics to include over 200 industry-standard metrics and dimensions that allow you to build customizable reporting views to share with your advertisers and other campaign teams. With these benchmarks, your revenue team will be able to make the case for your ad offering repeatedly with outcome-based selling.

Interested in getting Celtra for Media? Get in touch today to elevate your media monetization with automation.

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