Checklist for Ramping Up Sales This Festive Season

By Celtra

In the run-up to the busiest time of year for shopping, we can’t ignore the hump that looms large in the middle of the road ahead. Inflation and cost-of-living crisis are still rife, meaning we’re all still being careful with our spending, tightening our belts in the run-up to the festive season. An article recently published reported that two-thirds of consumers are spending less on non-essentials, and more than half are shopping around before committing. 

So what’s the play for brands in the face of all this adversity? It’ll take an extra bit of holiday seasoning to tailor their strategy in order to get results that’ll serve as a cause for festive cheer. To help marketers along, here’s a short checklist of recommendations to tick off in the lead-up to the holidays. 

1. Start pushing your product discovery early

Introduce your brand and products to consumers as soon as possible. Since shoppers are taking more time to consider all their options and shop around, your chances of driving conversions will only improve by getting your brand out there with time to spare. How? By using dynamic product ads, you can get the right products in front of the right customers. We’d suggest going a step further and spicing them up by going animated with video for DPA. By using video over static, you are far more likely to capture the attention of potential customers. Take product discovery to the next level with live-action and animated videos for shopping and catalog ads. Pro tip: Scale video creative from existing production for catalog-powered ads to borrow video creative produced at the top of the funnel and use it for DPAs.

2. Shorten consideration time with tempting offers

At this stage, consumers are weighing up their options, having done a bit of research and familiarized themselves with what’s on the market. This is a good time for your brand to be offering deals and price drops, reeling your customers deeper down the funnel. Not to mention closing deals at speed as customers fear missing out on a good deal, making them more inclined to jump on purchases. This brings us to our next point: Discounts! Offer competitive deals and price slashes. With DPAs, you can show new prices by pulling them directly from a product catalog and putting them into your pre-designed templates with ease. 

3. Drive consumer trust with product reviews and ratings

As we approach the holidays, consumers are getting more and more pressed to get the perfect gift. A good way to add to that already mounting pressure and drive conversions is to show reviews in your ads. Star ratings provide a quick visual indicator of a product or service’s quality and popularity, as well as social proof. Nothing like a nod of approval from the majority to unfreeze decision paralysis. Five-star reviews across the board? Straight in the basket. As consumers are more careful with their spending, they would rather buy quality products that are durable and highly-rated than spend irrationally on gimmicky products that are heavily advertised.

Ramp up your DPAs for the holiday season

With Celtra Dynamic Product Ads, you can deliver a lift in ROAS with spectacular, on-brand creative all the way down the funnel this holiday season. Don’t miss out on bringing festive cheer to the office holiday party with the help of our self-serve solution that’ll drive results. Transform DPAs into high-quality, on-brand creatives across the funnel with Celtra and boost your bottom line before the end of the year! Visit our DPA page or book a demo for more information. 

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