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Automating Production, Trafficking, and Analytics for Higher Monetization

With the shifts in the advertising business (decline of paid social effectiveness, calls for more privacy), media owners and operators are well-positioned to grow their ad monetization if they play their cards right. As advertisers are looking to run their campaigns across brand-safe, high-impact inventory, the RFPs are rolling in – how will you respond?

On the media side, resources aren’t growing to match the high volume of brand requests and teams are strained putting together competitive and unique proposals for campaigns. In addition to keeping current campaigns running, revenue and product teams are slammed trying to package their offering in a way that highlights the best their inventory has to offer.

If these challenges sound like something your organization is dealing with, then it might be time to introduce creative automation into the ad production and ad trafficking workflows. 

What are the benefits of shifting to automated campaign production? 

You’ll be able to package your inventory into easily reusable (read: templated) yet unique ad products that justify charging a premium CPM and win RFPs repeatedly. Aside from growing your ad revenue, automated workflows can easily cut over 40% from production time, allowing your teams to manage a higher volume of campaigns with the same resources. Let’s take a look at these benefits in-depth.


Build a playbook unique to your inventory

Don’t waste time putting together proposals from scratch each time a new RFP arrives –  by introducing creative automation into your media workflows, you can sell more and bigger campaigns with attractive ad products made to meet advertiser KPIs.

How does it work?

Increase the value of your campaigns with pre-built, innovative templates made by Celtra’s team of expert designers. We’ve analyzed countless ads to understand what kind of ad format and feature combinations are the most effective in driving results for a certain advertising use case or vertical. Read all about these Creative Insights in the latest installment of our whitepaper.

A custom playbook built with templates may sound like an oxymoron at first glance, but it is highly effective at creating a self-sufficient and scalable monetization strategy. Your playbook will reflect what is special about your inventory: got first-party data? great! Expert in location-services? Showcase that!

Media companies like Adsmovil increased their impressions and consequently, revenue by 25% with Celtra’s Creative Automation for Media. Learn how you can get started today by getting in touch.


Templated Ad Products anyone can build and traffic

For media-side product teams, ideating, coding, and activating ad products can be a time-suck. If you want to move away from building one-off executions for each new campaign, automation might be the right route for you. With a templated and automated approach, you’ll turn anyone into a designer (just don’t tell actual designers!). With zero-coding required, sales, ad ops, and account managers can build campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop workflow that doesn’t require intensive knowledge of design software.

Healthy margins call for efficient production. In addition to dramatically speeding up turnaround times, centralizing your ad product activation into one platform will come in handy for client review and approvals, too. Mediacorp for one cut production time by 44% with Celtra.

Trafficking is also made easy, and most importantly, error-free with automation. Generate ad-server-specific tags per placement or in bulk to go live in an instant. All creative sizes and dynamic variants can be included in a single tag for easier go-live. The platform also supports direct publishing to demand-side platforms


Prove success with robust analytics

Your ad suite is only as effective as the results it brings to advertisers. Keep them coming back for more by showing success stories backed by data. You can share customizable views powered by Celtra’s advanced analytics that cover over a hundred industry-standard metrics and dimensions. Set automated email reports for regular delivery of mid-flight results. And finally, you can establish performance benchmarks for each ad product in your suite to empower your sales team to bring more business with outcome-based selling.

If it sounds like your workflows could benefit from creative automation, talk to us today to get started. You can also read all about our media software and solutions here.