Conversations on Creative Enablement With CNN, NBCU, and InMobi

By Christine Göös

This past June marks exactly 10 years since we launched the first Celtra creative software. In 2010, we took on the challenge of how to make mobile advertising creative. We introduced a web browser-based design and production tool, built specifically for new digital channels. Beyond enabling designers, we designed our product for the entire ecosystem and all stakeholders.

Ten years later, our objective has remained the same: better creative, done more efficiently, self-service, and great customer experience. It’s been an amazing journey. Our wonderful partners and users have built and launched over 500,000 campaigns with Celtra this year alone. 

Today, we power creative for 2/3 of Fortune 500 companies and over 5,000 brands each month. To celebrate this milestone, we announced two new software products for marketing and programmatic. 

Our product for publishers and media platforms is now called Celtra for Media. It covers the entire lifecycle of launching a campaign: ad product ideation and design, ad content production, trafficking tags, and tracking performance.

We invited our community to celebrate virtually through a series of conversations with publishers and media platforms we are proud to call our customers. 

In our creative enablement sessions, we heard from an array of brand, publisher, and media platform experts. Speakers included Stephane Krzywoglowy, VP of Ad Product & Innovation at NBCUniversal, Derek Gatts, VP, Ad Product, CNN, and Warren Souto, Global Head of Creative Services, InMobi.


The Role of Creative Technology for CNN


Derek and his team at CNN launched a new digital product suite earlier this year to provide a complementary canvas for the creative work developed at Courageous Studios, brand studio for CNN and WarnerMedia News’ properties. Courageous works with brands to invent cutting-edge solutions for the clients’ needs. The new framework and ad solution developed by Derek’s team allows those brands to scale to their desired audiences, regardless of where that audience consumes CNN content, while providing proven performance and reach.


What NBCU’s Clients Are Asking for Right Now


Stephane believes that marketers, today more than ever, are looking for simplicity and efficiency. Creative is a perfect example of that. Multi-platform delivery multiplies asset production. Each platform has its own tech limitations, specs, functionalities, the list goes on. NBCU is looking to make this process easy for marketers so they can achieve both scale and performance for their brand.


InMobi: Creative Is Becoming Increasingly Important to Us


InMobi is an ad tech company. What they’ve realized, explained Warren, is that ultimately, creative is the key differentiator. InMobi taps into creative technology to deliver that uniqueness through both tailored and scalable solutions.

If you’re selling media, you need an incredible product. Celtra for Media is an award-winning solution for video and display design, formats, delivery, and reporting. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today.

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