Elevate Media Monetization With Celtra’ Creative Enablement

By Celtra

Celtra powers some of the most premium ad-supported content on the internet. Hearst, NBCU, Business Insider & Bloomberg all trust Celtra to help maintain the balance between site content and advertising across their properties. This balance is especially important in a post-cookie world, where a reported 80% of C-level marketers are experiencing a decline in campaign effectiveness as a result of ID loss. Without the cookie, advertisers will have an even harder time finding the most receptive audiences. However, we can still make alignments that advertisers can trust without relying on or needing the cookie by turning to contextual signals and insights based on premium publisher data.

This is why more and more advertisers are turning to trusted media partners for campaigns they know will be viewable and placed next to content that matches their quality and thematic demands.

For premium (and scalable) advertising solutions that advertisers crave, there’s only one road to take: automation. Read more about our newest media production method that turns to creative automation to help you win more business and serve more impressions, all with the same resources you have today.

Get pre-built ad experiences straight off-the-shelf from Celtra Library

Advertisers are looking for attractive ad products that meet their campaign KPIs. This is why Celtra’s expert designers have curated a unique set of templates in the shape of pre-built experiences you can use straight off the shelf from the Celtra Library. Clients have successfully sold additional campaigns that serve up to 80% more impressions using templates from the library. One such campaign was the Adsmovil / Malher Delahuerta Tilt Touch:

Differentiate your offering by combining all the best ad formats with in-demand features like video and shoppable. When you build your ad suite with Celtra, you don’t have to put together custom campaign proposals for each request, just pick and mix the selection from your readily available ad experiences.

2.5x faster workflows with automation – no designers needed

What if you could create and activate a suite of unique ad products without having to rely on developers or designers for custom builds? That is all possible with creative automation. With Celtra, anyone in your team can activate ad products by easily dropping the right copy and assets into pre-approved templates that are made to complement your inventory. This means that you can now run fast and efficient production with the same resources.

Many of our customers are seeing 2.5x faster creative production for ad product activation with this production method, as it requires no design adjustments to the ad product itself. What’s better, Celtra’s set-it-and-forget-it trafficking uses streamlined, error-free tag generation for worry-free campaign launches.

Proving success with robust analytics

We’ve beefed up our platform analytics to include over 200 industry-standard metrics and dimensions that allow you to build customizable reporting views to share with your advertisers and other campaign teams. With these benchmarks, your revenue team will be able to make the case for your ad offering repeatedly with outcome-based selling.

Ready for the Creative Enablement experience?

Upgrade your inventory with loads of new ad products and features to see what best-in-class monetization can do for your bottom line.  Get the most out of your ad placements with premium products from Celtra’s Creative Enablement, or check out the Celtra Ad Library; a collection of pre-built premium units designed to help you get ad executions up and running right away while meeting advertisers’ KPIs.

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