Why You Need Creative Automation in 2024

By Celtra

As the world of technology moves at breakneck speed, businesses are scrambling to adapt to and implement the latest advancements. A breakthrough development is artificial intelligence- the buzzword that’s captured the imagination and attention of almost every industry. Preparing for the future will involve leveraging existing tech to give businesses a running start as we move into these exciting new territories. This is where Creative Automation comes in, and Celtra takes the stage. 

Creative Automation is an effective way to future-proof your brand in the context of the fast-evolving tech landscape and the sustained presence of AI. Celtra’s Creative Automation tool enables you to be up to 10x more efficient by being highly responsive to changes in the market, consumer behavior, and emerging technologies. Our solution also comes equipped with AI tools, so your brand can remain agile, efficient, and competitive far into the future! 

Manual pain point meets automated solution

Going into 2024, lots of marketers are facing issues such as intense competition, the need for variety, high demands, and low resources… sound familiar? Use the following table to diagnose your business pain points and find Celtra’s cure to help you stay ahead.

→ Problem: Rising needs for content

Solution: Generate content at a revolutionary pace compared to manual methods. Produce multiple variations of content for different channels and formats and easily keep up with the increasing demand.

→ Problem: Personalisation at scale

Solution: Create personalized content by using data-driven insights and enable creative and performance marketing teams to tailor messages to specific audience segments on the fly. 

→ Problem: Brand guardianship at scale

Solution: Through centralized production, you can ensure all brand messaging and design elements remain consistent across every produced creative, enhancing the overall brand image.

→ Problem: Dwindling resources 

Solution: By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, Creative Automation reduces the need for extensive human resources. This can lead to cost savings as you accomplish more with less. 

→ Problem: Outdated internal processes

Solution: Streamline your internal processes by simplifying hand-offs and enabling direct collaboration and distribution.

Feeling better? Now that you’ve diagnosed your business’s pain points and found the cure with Celtra, let’s take a closer look at how to tackle them in a little more detail.

Harnessing the power of automation

In a survey conducted in 2023, Garner reported that more than 70% of CMOs lacked the budget to fully execute their strategy. The industry has also seen an obvious shift in spending, as CMOs are prioritizing marketing technology in order to best optimize their ROI, in the wake of new emerging technologies. The need to organize and streamline processes through tech has become more apparent as marketing professionals wake up to the fact that these emerging tools could be a massive game changer for their workflows and efficiencies. 

Creative Automation solutions like Celtra provide 10x more efficient production with the additional bonus of streamlined collaboration between teams. This boosts your personalization and testing efforts and results in improved performance whilst keeping your company at the forefront of technological advances. Not only are you able to keep your branding consistent and pixel-perfect, but you are also able to implement automation and AI enhancements to speed up the process and increase creative variation. As automation experts, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you; the only thing you need to do is take the plunge and reap the rewards! 

The role of artificial intelligence

The core of Celtra’s solution is to deliver scalable creative excellence and our software lays a solid foundation for additional AI enhancements that further simplify and speed up that process. With Celtra, marketers can generate copy translations upfront for local teams to approve, or offer copy suggestions with a specific tone of voice based on actual audience data. This way, the design and creative teams can move between production stages while supporting the agility needed for non-linear iterative content changes. 

Unifying workflows across teams

A workflow outline is foundational. It’s essential to organize files, streamline communication, and offer clear direction to all team members. However, as obvious as it is, this step is never easy. It starts with documenting who you’re working with, what roles they’ll assume and how they’ll collaborate. 

With our single-point cloud-based platform, you can expect full collaborative flexibility for all your cross-team production requirements. With the promise of transparency, you are able to keep everyone in lock-step, which in turn will massively streamline the digital campaign production process. 

Increasing flexibility with modular designs

By introducing modular design in a centralized workflow with Creative Automation, you are able to complete or flexibly reuse work that already exists out in the open across all different teams. Our solution separates content and design so that marketers and non-designers can tweak messaging, imagery, and visuals easier than ever to create new versions on the fly while keeping designs intact. This ensures brand consistency across all creatives with brand-approved toolkits and role-based editing access. With a streamlined approach, you can substantially minimize the time required for minor content adjustments and get your campaigns to market at lightning speed. 

Get started today

In case you still have any doubts about the transformative power that Creative Automation can have on your business, visit our landing page or get in touch with us to watch our solution in action. You’ve gotta see it to believe it!


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