Press PLAY on Video-First Content Scaling

By Celtra

These days, it’s all about video, and finding scalable ways to produce and build with motion is paramount! For creative teams and marketers, leveraging video formats for campaign production is key to driving return on ad spend (ROAS). However, we know that all this is easier said than done. Every creative knows too well how long it can take to get video assets prepped and out the door- not to mention how painful formatting tweaks can be. That’s why our solution allows you to efficiently produce video creatives across any different format, size, and variety required for marketing campaigns. 

How to use Creative Automation for Video

By using Creative Automation’s easy-to-use video tools, you can capture attention with animations, animate layers, and customize sequences. You’ve also got the whole team in one place, with collaborative digital production where both creative teams and marketers come together to bring campaigns to life. Our platform makes it even easier to launch video creatives in the market, from:  

  • Shortening the hand-off between design and video production teams: User-friendly dedicated work modes for design, animation, and content handling are managed in a unified workspace. Say your video team needs a designed end card; both teams can work in Creative Automation and easily switch between static and video assets in tandem.
  • Focus on adaptation and scale for video: Imagine how quickly the work and time can stack up when you multiply video production to customize content across audiences, markets, and campaign strategies. With Creative Automation, teams can easily scale audio and voice-over files, insert unique videos per market, and scale up the number of unique videos in a fraction of the time.

Talk about streamlining your workflow! By building ads in Celtra, you have access to all these time-saving tricks in one place so you don’t have to switch platforms to make the edits or render them out. What’s more, our platform encourages video design with templatization in mind, so you can easily make hundreds of variations from one video, instead of individually making and rendering each variant. This allows your teams to work more efficiently and focus on creating high-quality campaigns that drive results.

Ready to press play on engaging video formats?

Build assets with motion, create engaging videos, and animate creatives seamlessly between formats with Creative Automation. Get in touch with us and book a demo to see our revamped solution in action. Bring Creative Automation to your business today!

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